Reaction or Proaction??

Well, in this post, I would like to mention the main difference between a reactive man and a proactive man. Confused? Maybe because you have never even heard of the word proaction, let alone thought about it. Reaction is defined as a simple response which is a cause of a stimulus applied to it. It is homogenous (doesn’t tend to change) and very very animal in nature (no thought process involved in performing it). Well, reactions are very important for a human being when it comes to responding to extreme conditions like a threat to life or a potentially disabling situation (withdrawing your hand in a jerk if kept on a flame).

The problem arises when these reactions are associated with day to day activities and their responses. A reaction is a simple learning process, a person is exposed to the same stimulus time and again (verbal abuse), he sees others responding to it in some particular fashion (verbal or physical abuse), he adapts that response in him and learns it. So now, whenever he is faced with that particular stimulus from any individual, he tends to ‘react’ in the same fashion as he has always learnt it (i.e. abusing or hitting back). Here a person fails to understand that unknowingly he tends to behave like an animal.

The only difference between man and animal as per mental functions are concerned is that a man can choose what he wants to do. A man actually has the potential to choose his responses graded as per the requirement of the situation. Many men tend to forget that fact and continue their voyage through life as mere people who are dependent on others for their actions.

A proactive man, on the other hand, when exposed to a situation, first assures himself that he has the potential to choose what he wishes to do. Then analyses the situation according to his intellect and gauges his response accordingly. Well, the correct response to be given can be guided on the basis of my previous post of analyzing what do you want to be known as when you cease to exist.

Majority of the problems and conflicts can be eliminated if this one fact is recognized by our fellow humans that they need to respond after making a well informed decision within their minds about what they are going to do next.

With a final question in conclusion for the post,

Are you going to choose reaction or proaction??

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Life comes and life will go, what remains after that is what matters…

It’s said somewhere, that, “a person should live his life in such a way, that he controls what people will say about him on his funeral…”

Many people often complain about not knowing what is the right way to live…
Well, here I have a simple solution for that, just imagine, you are dead, (nothing harsh, everyone encounters death some or the other day), there is a funeral arranged for you. A podium has been put up for people to express their feelings about you, what kind of a person you were and how will your absence affect their lives. Well, I would simply want you all to imagine how would you want people to feel on that day. How big a void would you be able to create when you are one fine day, no more.

Too heavy? well, try this, how many people will actually attend your funeral with the emotional burden of actually not seeing you anymore. How many people will actually grieve the fact that you will no longer smile at them, talk to them or even say a casual ‘hi’. Pointless to say, but i have been to funerals where guests have no time other than discussing share market prices and cricket updates with each other or even consider the occasion as the only time when the entire family re-unites for a chat. Would you actually want it to happen that way? “Who will cry, when you die?” a great book in the market, written by Robin Sharma, emphasizes on this fact about the way of life, about the simple yet unknown fact of being a good person.

It was June the 3rd 2010, when i realized the potential of a human to affect his fellow beings even after leaving this material island of illusions. Our warden sir, had passed away on that day. The void created by him even though he had not stayed in the college for long and had left the college years back, it still created shock waves around the globe. People actually felt their heart go numb hearing the news.

No one expects us to be great men. Great men come once a hundred years, else there would be nothing great about them. But their greatness was determined by the void they created after they left us alone, to fend for ourselves.

With nothing more to add for the thought, with these words I shall end,
“Life comes and life will go, what remains after that is what matters…”
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Hello world!

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